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Wrapping Up The 2019 Warehouse Operations and Trends

As we cap off the year, we look back at all the warehouse operations and trends that made waves this 2019. The warehousing and logistics industry’s progress into digital transformation over the last year or so has definitely gone a long way, and still continue to progress. 

This year,  warehouse companies finally considered using unmanned aerial vehicles that made it more seamless and efficient to perform daily warehouse operations. In general, warehouse facilities and distribution centers in different parts of the world started to adopt technology and lean more on digitizing processes and business methods, so to reduce delays, damages, and errors, as well as accelerate work productivity, order fulfillment, and customer experience all at the same time.

Technology Is A Must

The advent of an always-online e-commerce business demands faster responses while being able to manage a large number of orders with minimal to zero errors. With this type of service demand, warehouse facilities and distribution centers are forced to scale and meet the standards of an intelligent and efficient automated warehouse. 

Over the last few years, the logistics industry made sure to step up their game by innovating and using more advanced technology like never before. Warehouse facilities and distribution centers are now on the road to digital transformation, which brings transformed the way warehouses operate. The peak of digital transformation and the logistics industry has finally arrived. And at such a time where demands travel fast, increase over time, and customers expect quicker transactions, technology is no longer a mere option, but rather a necessity – an inevitability. 

Here are some of the top technology trends that made waves in the warehousing and logistics industry the past year:

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Warehouse Robotics
  • Warehouse Drones
  • Voice Technology
  • Marketing strategies (search engine optimization or SEO)

Based on studies, these trends and tech tools have come a long way, enabling the industry to grow and develop.. Not only that, simple marketing strategies such as search engine optimization also significantly helps logistics businesses reach a broader market. For one, when users search for warehouse space near me, they can immediately browse through hundreds and thousands of search results, which is an advantage point for warehouse businesses that increased their online presence with the use of webmaster tools or digital marketing agencies. 

2019 is indeed a year of [digital] transformation for the logistics industry. As demands steadily rise, so does the need for businesses to adapt to the recent changes and continuously look for ways to accelerate both user and customer experience so as to drive constant improvement, innovation, and generate higher profit.

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