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LSCR Warehouse Space for Rent or Sale in Kansas City

If you’re currently looking for warehouse spaces for lease in Kansas City, then you might want to check our prime industrial properties. Founded in 1990 in Kansas City, we are LS Commercial Real Estate Service Inc, we provide full-service commercial property brokerage, management, and consultancy, and specialize in industrial real estate, mainly warehouse space for lease, rent, or sale.

The demand for warehouse space for rent is mainly fueled by the immense growth in the e-commerce industry nowadays. Most of the industry leaders in commercial real estate have predicted strong demand for warehouse spaces since 2018, and these demands continue to skyrocket to this day.

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Bringing the facts closer to home, Kansas City’s progress in the commercial real estate sector shows promising statistics in the second quarter of this year as new job announcements and project advancements increase. Momentum in the industrial market is increasing with the continued large-scale build-to-suit projects, and news on the construction of high-end office spaces will soon be announced. Also, some local firms also declared good-sized office expansions, and at least one large group of high-paying jobs in a certain company gearing up to relocate to the Kansas City area.

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Currently, the unemployment rate for Kansas City has declined for the eighth consecutive years since 2010 up to 2018 to about 3.4 percent, which is its lowest since 1999. In 2019, the entire metropolitan area of Kansas City is proposed to add 11,000 more jobs as employment continues to grow by 1 percent. 

The reason? Kansas City ‘s strategic location makes it the ideal central hub for distribution centers, not only in the metropolitan area but also in counties such as Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Exec Park/Northland Park, Jackson County, KCI Riverside, and Northland.  

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While the big players continue to expand their warehouse operations in the Kansas City Metro, smaller industrial companies continue to thrive significantly in the industrial leasing trend. The demand for warehouse spaces for lease for these smaller industries remains high, with the quality options being so limited in terms of warehouse spaces. Landlords are now faced with the opportunity to build better and quality warehouses for lease or sale because of this trend. 

Aside from e-commerce companies expanding their warehouse and distribution centers over to Kansas City, another interesting trend is the growing demand for warehouse spaces for lease for medical marijuana. The legalization of this controlled substance for the state of Missouri early this year sprouted the demand for warehouse spaces as dispensaries in Kansas City.

As of the second quarter, bulk warehousing and distribution centers take the lead in under construction phase, with an estimated 3,005,489 SF and a total of 3,563,453 of constructed buildings year to date. The economy of industrial real estate is undoubtedly going strong coming into the remaining two quarters of this year as the trend for investors in the metropolitan area and counties nearby are growing in number.  

Because of the city’s rising demands for warehouse space for lease or sale, there have also been growing needs even in areas outside the metro area. The majority of this is within the Johnson county where last May 29, we launched our latest partnership with Excelligence Learning Corporation, who is a distributor of childhood education supplies and completed their 646,000 SF building within Midwest Commerce Center.  

No matter how big or small your company size might be, it is always worth looking into the right place to expand and move your operations and our warehouse spaces for lease and sale are geographically optimized for all your business needs and operations.   


Why Choose LSCR

A leader in warehouse space for lease and sale since 1990, we serve clients both local and nationwide. At LSCR, our primary goal is to provide consistent and professional real estate services to regional, national, and international clients. Thus, you can rest assured that our warehouse spaces are in prime locations, fully equipped with the highest-quality conditions. 

Our Expertise

The industrial real estate business trends are constantly evolving, and consumers are in constant demand for more goods. That is why we strive to provide the best layout and location needs of every client.

When you think about industrial spaces for lease, think LSCR, and you will know that you have come to the right place. Our expertise guarantees that our clients find the right fit for their business needs in terms of location, parking, and building structures and configuration. Our unparalleled real estate market knowledge and expertise lie in our 25 years of industrial real estate as we stay up to date with emerging and current market trends.

Our Reputation

Every business owner who needs industrial spaces for lease understands that location is everything, and what matters the most. That makes our 9,500,000 square feet of commercial rental properties command presence throughout the marketplace. Our properties are strategically located in key areas and built with the customer’s needs in mind. Our warehouses are constructed with proper zoning, loading areas, ceiling height, and other structural requirements, as well as expansion options as your business grows. 

Our Valued Clients

We work hard to have happy tenants. Over the years, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients with one thing in mind: to help them achieve and succeed with their business goals, as with ours. Working with top brand companies such as Hallmark, Coleman, and Agco has put our company as one of the landmarks in the industrial real estate map. Our local clients include a wide variety of small to large-scale businesses whom we continue to engage in long term business relationships with. 

Our Competitive Market Edge

By watching out for emerging markets, forming strategic relationships with local and national businesses coupled with the drive to innovate in all aspects of the industrial real estate marketplace help us maintain our competitive edge. While market reports help us leverage vital information to keep the business moving in the right direction, our success is fueled by the hardworking and dedicated professionals of LS Commercial, as they foster a dynamic atmosphere in the organization.  




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Choosing a warehouse space location is crucial as it has to be beneficial for your company as well as your customers, overall providing an efficient, effective, and profitable experience. In case you’re considering warehouse spaces for lease in or near Kansas City, LSCR is here to help you find the industrial space that’s best suited for your business needs.

Let’s get into business ASAP! Don’t hesitate to contact us or feel free to sign up should you be interested to inquire about our properties!