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Understanding A Build-To-Suit Warehouse Space

One major issue for business owners who utilize industrial real estate is to find the right facility to accommodate their needs. A business owner can always check off several critical things they need in a facility. But, never the entire list, so most just settle for a space that can get at least some things that are important to their operation. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and it is a process called build-to-suit.

Build-to-suits are projects wherein a developer designs a building that incorporates all of the critical things a company needs for its operations. It’s great, it’s all there, without having to sacrifice anything. Seems like this is music to your ears? Well, here’s where it all gets better:

LS Commercial has been actively completing build-to-suit projects for over 25 years. Our client base for these projects ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to locally-owned companies across the board. We have a dedicated team of professionals responsible for completing a project, starting from concept all the way to completion.

To give you an even clearer vision about build-to-suit projects, here is a brief breakdown of the entire process:


The planning process involves all parties concerning the establishment of the project; this includes you, the architect, mechanical, electrical, and civil consultants, and the entire construction team. Before commencing operations or establishment of your build-to-suit warehouse space, the entire team involved must first go through several planning stages so as to ensure quality output. The planning process is usually broken down into three categories:

  • Create a unique building plan
  • Obtain governmental approvals
  • Formalize construction plans


The overall cost of your build-to-suit facility will depend solely on the location, size, type of building, construction time, and the current price of resources in the market. Here at LSCR, we can provide you with accurate estimates of your expenses based on initial plans. This is later on followed by more exact pricing based on comprehensive facility sketches, designs, and construction drawings. Additionally, you also have to consider a few more things that make up the entire costing, such as the following:

  • Project budget
  • Financial projections (depends on the lease cost or building ownership costs)


The construction of your build-to-suit facility will commence once all planning and costing have been thoroughly discussed. Yet again, construction time will depend on the type and size of the warehouse space, and here are three steps to undertake upon execution of the build-to-suit project:

  • Construct the building
  • Outfit the building (includes all of your equipment and resources)
  • Occupancy

I simplified this, but it gives you a good feel of the process. On top of that, the benefit, in the end, is that you get a glove fit building without having to worry much about the entire process as we can handle it from start to finish! 

Sound like something you want to know more about? Give us a call at 913-681-5888 and let’s discuss details further.