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Property Management

LS Commercial is a leading property management firm since 1990, managing a 13,000,000 square foot portfolio of commercial and industrial properties, located throughout the Midwest, with an aggregate value of over $700,000,000.

Our dedicated team of real estate professionals, are highly experienced and average over 15 years of experience in the sector. We strive to provide transparent services to our clients, providing a wide array of detailed reports and information on the properties in our portfolio. Our central goal is to preserve the real estate assets we are managing and enhance the value through our effective management services.

Our property management services include; physical management of the property, on-site inspections, maintenance and repair, renovations & remodeling, tenant relations, rent collection, utility management, common area management, payment of expenses & mortgage and full financial reporting. Our reporting is designed to provide a detailed summary of the property each month, our reporting is designed to provide the property owner with a complete summary of the property for the reporting period so that they are completely up to date.

We maintain long standing relationships with a wide array of service providers who serve the properties in our portfolio. These long term relationships allow us to provide superior service at cost effective prices to the properties in our portfolio. Given we have been active in the property management sector since 1990, we have superior service providers to handle any issue that may arise at one of our managed properties.

Consistent with our mission statement, we are focused on serving our clients and putting their needs first!