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LSCR Unlocks Another Milestone with ELC Partnership

In this photo are LSCR President and CEO Paul Licausi, Kirk King, Rich Melton, CEO Dipak Golechha, Senator Julia Lynn, County Commissioner Mike Brown and County Chairman Ed Eilert.

The Vision Turned Into Reality

One of our recent successes was the completion and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the newly-constructed and fully-furnished ELC distribution center at the Midwest Commerce Center held on the 20th of May this year. At the ceremony were distinguished top local businessmen including our very own President and CEO, Paul Licausi.

On the day of ribbon-cutting event, Excelligence’s CEO, Dipak Golechha, envisions the state-of-the-art fulfillment center to providing over 200 full-time jobs, great opportunities, and an exceptional experience to most, if not all, locals of Kansas. Aside from that, the distribution center is said to pack and ship products to several subsidiary companies, which are all very well known in the early childhood education industry. We take pride in this event and milestone as the ELC continues to provide quality education supplies as well as envision countless possibilities of future growth and accomplishments.

In this photo: Our President and CEO, Paul Licausi, giving a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new ELC Center at Gardner, Kansas
In this photo: Excelligence’s CEO, Dipak Golechha, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new ELC Center at Gardner, Kansas

The Vision of ELC

Excelligence Learning Corporation (ELC) envisions to become the world’s most preferred provider of educational tools and solutions to early childhood and elementary teachers and parents. With its headquarters in Monterey, CA, The company aims to provide the country with the largest supplies distribution center, which will be called Discount School Supply and Really Good Stuff. With a vision of a 646,400 square-foot facility ranging up to a value of $38 million, we feel Excelligence made the best decision in partnering with LSCR and leveraging our experience in warehouse space. 

In this fast-paced world we live in today, and with the demand constantly on the rise, it is our company’s vision to meet the warehouse for lease needs of every business and be the last word in terms of distribution centers. We are blessed with our city’s strategic location that boasts a plethora of big businesses who have established their warehousing and distribution hubs. Logistics wise, a known company like ELC has come all the way from California to establish a much-needed distribution center In Kansas due to the extensive resources such as workforce and expertise in the logistics industry. 

To be chosen out of all the real estate agencies in Kansas to take on this project is a privilege for us and certainly making us one of the cornerstones in warehouse space for rent in the industry. Our successful partnership with ELC only proves that LS Commercial is indeed a by-word when it comes to industrial spaces in Kansas City. We are looking forward to more projects this year and for years to come as all these are a part of our long-term success.

In this photo: Excelligence’s CEO, Dipak Golechha, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new ELC Center at Gardner, Kansas

We are a leading brokerage company in Kansas City since the year 1990, serving clients nationwide. We are committed to providing service excellence and success to every logistics business that needs a reliable distribution center. Over the years, we continuously help businesses such as e-commerce  and multinational companies grow and expand in the industry with the help of our warehouse spaces. We ensure that we keep up with the high demand for industrial spaces nowadays. It’s no wonder our company is making the rounds in the media lately! In fact, we are proud to have been featured in an online journal dedicated to those who Design, Develop, and Construct, the DDC Journal, which highlights our latest project⁠—the ELC center in Gardner, Kansas.

We can be your partner as you go through your business transformation. Contact us if you are looking for warehouse spaces for lease in Kansas City.

Article available here: DDC Journal Fall 2018 Issue – ‘ELC, a California-based provider of educational supplies teams up with LSCR, a Midwest real estate firm, to build a new distribution center. (p. 118)


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