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Hyperloop One: Set To Change Kansas City Supply Chain

The rise of e-commerce has greatly increased strain among road, air, and rail transport systems. It has, in fact, caused a notable shift in the retail industry, which, in turn, also caused significant impacts on the freight and logistics sector.

As consumers continue to wrangle over cash, there have already been changes in the attitude of most–if not all–consumers. A week or a little over that is no longer an acceptable amount of time to wait for a customer’s package to arrive. Instead, same- and next-day deliveries have slowly become the norm. So, how does this exactly affect the warehousing and transport industries?

All over tech companies, news feeds, and timelines–the Hyperloop technology is likely to be one of the most popular, and the best there is, to solve modern-day dilemmas concerning environmental and infrastructural circumstances greatly influenced by the sudden influx of freight transport demands.

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Virgin Hyperloop One

Imagine traveling or delivering goods nonstop at up to 670 miles per hour, whether above land or underground. Now, this may seem impossible, given the transportation system we all have today. But, it actually is possible through the Hyperloop One.

First conceived in 2012 by Tesla and Elon Musk, Hyperloop One–rebranded and renamed as Virgin Hyperloop One in 2017–is envisioned to be a modern, super-high-speed transportation system that uses electromagnetic levitation and electric propulsion under near-vacuum conditions. The electromagnetic levitation technology guides and lifts the pod off the track, while vacuum pumps remove nearly all the air inside the tube, making it possible to travel smoothly and quietly as if you were 200,000 feet above sea level.  It’s basically a new technology set to change the supply chain and transport game in the next few years or so.

Changing The Supply Chain Game

Missouri has been regarded as one of the first few states in the country to experience the game-changing technology that is Hyperloop One. Right on this state, the proposed route from Kansas City to St. Louis is said to take only about 30 minutes, as compared with about three and a half hours of driving through a private vehicle.

Today, airline and airport capacity and transport systems continue to experience challenges in meeting the sudden increase of customer demands, given that the e-commerce sector is set to grow at about 4 trillion dollars globally by 2020, and the express and parcel freight markets developing at around 516 billion dollars till 2025.

With the Virgin Hyperloop One, deliveries can be completed in a matter of hours instead of days, with unrivaled reliability. Missouri–Kansas City in particular–is popularly known as the crossroads of North America, which offer strong vantage points and make an excellent location for all transportation, logistics, and supply chain operations.

So much of Kansas City’s distribution centers and warehouse facilities will surely benefit from the new Hyperloop One technology, considering the fact that Kansas City International Airport moves a handful of air cargo each year than any other [air] center. Essentially, products, items, and other parcels will be passed at accelerated speeds through pipeline networks connecting distribution and consolidation facilities one after the other. In turn, this can improve the overall flexibility and reliability of such facilities, and, not to mention, reduce costs and limit the number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) off the road, improving traffic situation and carbon dioxide emission.

Warehouse operations are less likely to halt. Day in and day out, Kansas City MO available warehouses today continuously aim to meet customer demands and expectations regarding goods or products and delivery periods. With the Hyperloop One said to kick off operations in the logistics and transportation industries first before people, a lot of distinguished companies are then expected to deliver above-average, more affordable, and faster movement of goods.
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